Posted 1 week ago

Finally got my new sticker for being back in school.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Class notes.

Posted 3 weeks ago



You Oughta Know

((literally crying with chills this is brilliant!))

I’m scream


Posted 1 month ago

Just won a silly commander game. Jenara, my commander, attacked with two Swords of Light and Shadow, and 16 exalted, with doublestrike…

Posted 2 months ago

Hey everybody, I’m not dead yet. Finally posting some photos from GP Portland. I had a blast.

Posted 4 months ago

I finally got in! Does anyone still play?

Posted 5 months ago

No, thank you Wizards.

Posted 5 months ago

The loot I’ll be giving out as door prizes this weekend.

Posted 5 months ago

It’s that time again!

Posted 6 months ago

Newest commission.

Posted 6 months ago

Bananas Against Humanity. The top one is mine.

Posted 6 months ago

Who can help me get into the Heroes of the Storm beta?

Posted 6 months ago

A design I came up with featuring my 3 favorite colors.

Posted 6 months ago

The rare and terrifying DQ judge.

Posted 6 months ago

Magic artists at GP Phoenix.